Braeden Melnyk

Attending: MCC where he will finish his Criminal Justice Degree and already almost has credits equivalents to 1 semester. Braeden anticipates playing baseball at MCC, and also enrolling in ROTC. Simultaneously he will begin private flying lessons.

He has a plan with an Air Force recruiter to enter the Air Force as an Air Force Security enlistment after completing his Criminal Justice Degree, which is a requirement for his chosen field in the US Air Force. He will serve two years in this capacity, and then with his CO’s recommendation will enter the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs as a 22 year old junior, complete his bachelor’s degree, and attain a commission in the United States Air Force at age 24, just like is great uncle who retired from the USAF as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Favorite Sutherland Baseball memory: From last season when they swept Mendon for the first time in quite awhile. Tyler Mullin drove in the winning run and there was a huge dog pile on him at 2nd base.

A special message from your family:  Braeden, you have exceeded all our hopes and dreams for you. You are the kindest, most caring, and genuinely humorous son a Mom and Dad could ever hope for.
You completed an endearing circle this year in Pittsford Little League, going from T-ball player as a kindergartner to being an umpire as a high school senior and we could not be prouder of the young man you have become.
Bre bre, we thank you for the pleasure and honor of being your parents son!

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